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Need a Bin? Choosing the Right Roll-Off Dumpster Size

Need a Bin? Choosing the Right Roll-Off Dumpster Size

What is the Right Roll-off Dumpster Size For Your Project

Selection of “right roll-off dumpster size” is a complete process in which you need to take complete ideas before renting a dumpster. Every business and homeowner have different needs related to the roll-off dumpster.

What kind of Project are you doing helping you in the selection of your dumpster? Rental roll off bins are a smooth way to get rid of trash but getting rid of trash on the same day dumpster delivery is a service that some rental providers provide you.


Now it’s up to you which rental solution you hire to dump your trash and dispose of it in landfills. Different factors affect the selection of a dumpster rental service provider to select and the most common factor is choosing the right roll of dumpster size.


Rental bins come in different sizes according to the demand of different projects like cleaning a garage and have different rental container requirements as compared to the construction project .


While choosing roll off dumpster you also want a budget friendly dumpster as I want “cheap dumpster rental san diego” just because i am a resident of San diego so my target was finding best dumpster rental san diego and I got my best from Dumpster4rental.


Let’s Dive in with me to know about all the sizes of roll-off dumpster and the suitable one for your project.

Roll Off Dumpster Sizes Dimension and Trash Limits

What exactly you know about before renting a dumpster is the volume of your trash. No one gets an exact idea about the volume but gets an idea how much it is.


Selection of dumpster depend on your trash limit and your project demand for example a large construction building needs a large dumpster which easily carry heavy waste like concrete, bricks, dry walls, roofing , discarded windows, doors so the requirement of dumpster is also too large it means you need 30 yard to 40 yard dumpster that is the largest size of dumpster.


But as compared if we are just doing a cleaning project only for the kitchen then a 3 yard dumpster is enough. Eever dumpster has a specific size and trash limit which make them capable according to project type.


Here below I list down all sizes of dumpsters which help you choose the right one for you

Size Of Dumpster Trash Limit Dimension of dumpster Project Type
3 yard dumpster 1 ton 6 ft long x 4 ft tall x 4 ft wide Small Garage cleanup
10 yard dumpster 1 ton 18 ft long x 8ft wide x 2ft tall Medium size garage & basement
15 yard dumpster 3 ton 14ft long x 7ft wide x 4ft tall Medium size yard cleanup
20 yard dumpster 3 ton 18Ft Long, 8Ft Wide, 4Ft Tall Large Scale garage Cleanup/renovation
25 yard dumpster 3 ton 20Ft Long X 8Ft Wide X 4Ft Tall Large renovation project
30 yard dumpster 4 ton 20Ft Long, 8Ft Wide, 4Ft Tall Major scale cleanup and construction project
40 yard dumpster 5 ton 22Ft Long X 8Ft Wide X 6Ft High Large size of commercial construction


After comparing with the dimension and trash limit you now better know the suitable size of roll of dumpster you hire for your project.


Factors you need to consider before Hiring Roll Off Dumpster

  • Location of dumpster rental you hire
  • Size of dumpster
  • Locals an permits
  • Transport charges
  • Rental duration

Types Of Project Before Rent a Roll-off Dumpster 

Roll-off dumpster perform a variety of jobs according to type of project. Our dust to dispose of furniture all are easily handle if you hiring a dumpster rental

Let’s have a look at different projects using a dumpster according to their sizes.

Home Cleanup:15 or 20 yard (Most Reliable Size)

If you want to clean your home , garden or garage then you can hire 15 yard or 20 yard dumpster for efficient waste disposal service according to waste management strategies 

Remodeling: 30 yard(Reliable dumpster size)

For heavy waste to come out in home renovation and remodeling use a 30 yard dumpster because it easily carries 3 to 4 appliances as well as large size of furniture including sofa and removal of carpet too.

Roofing: 10 or 20 yards(Recommended size:)

Drywall and roofing shingles easily add in a 10 to 20 yard dumpster. If you have heavy weight more than the size of dumpster trash limit then 25 yard dumpster is a good option for roofing projects 

Landscaping Projects10 or 20 yard best size for yard cleanup

Your bushes, logs, old bench , leaves and weeds trash easily manage in 10-20 yard dumpster depend on the weight of trash

Construction: 30 or 40 yard For heavy construction waste

Your commercial and residential projects contain heavy debris and the volume limit of 30 and 40 yard is 4 and 5 ton of debris its means you can easily hire your dumpster for your heavy weight clutter


How should a roll-off dumpster be measured?

A dumpster’s volume in cubic feet may be found by multiplying its external measurements in feet (length x breadth x height) to get its capacity.

What is the most common dumpster size?

Most common duser size is 25 yard dumpster easily handle renovation and cleaning project as well as small construction size projects.

Wrap Up:

Finally, you know about the right roll-off dumpster according to your trash limit. Above I mention detailed information about dumpster size to make your pickup easy.choose the right size of dumpster according to type of your project. If you are confused in choosing the right rental bin then our dumpster4rental team is ready to assist you from book a dumpster to disposal in landfills.Call on ((949)519 4588 San Diego and enjoy trash free space on every project.