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A complete guide for 10 yards Dumpster in Los Angeles

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10 yard Dumpster rental Complete Guide 

Are you working on a project that requires a 10-yard dumpster rental? You need to learn how to take a 10-yard dumpster rental and also need to know if the 10-yard dumpster site is suitable for your project. 

Did you know 70 contractor trash bags are held in a simple 10-yard dumpster? It means it contains a lot of your heavy Trash.

Most people think to start their construction or renovation project in the mid-summer or before spring, but you can easily do any project any time of the year. 

Here I tell you about a 10-yard dumpster rental that is suitable for all kinds of small products, including yard waste or garage cleanout.

Factors For Selecting a 10-yard Dumpster Rental 

Some factors about the dumpster rental size are 

  • Type of material you want to rid of (debris type)
  • The volume of Trash because 10 yards contain 1 ton of Trash
  • Place of dumpster rental 

10-yard Dumpster Rental Dimension

The dimension of the dumpster tells how much volume of waste the dumpster contains, and the space that the dumpster rental needs depends on the Dimensions. The dimensions of the 10-yard Dumpster rental are 18ft long x 8ft wide x 2ft tall. It holds up to 70 contractor-style trash bags, which means ten cubic yards of trash volume. It’s enough for any small construction project, home renovation, garage cleanout, or getting rid of any large or small waste from your home or business.

Cost of 10 yard Dumpster

The average cost range is between 520$ to 630$ nationwide, but you can call us on(323) 553 5774 for dumpster rental in Los Angeles. The dumpster rental charges for 10-yard dumpsters may vary nationwide. Prices of dumpster rental included pickup and disposal. Weight limit and the local landfill charges are all included. You can make your 10-yard dumpster very cost-effective by using some techniques mentioned below in the article.

But before selecting a 10-yard dumpster, you must know that it is the right size dumpster.

Cost Effect on Dumpster Rental 

Before starting any project, a budget idea is very important. You need to make a rough budget with in-between values. It is very important whenever we want to take a dumpster on rent, we also draw a picture of requirements and other equipment and the space for the dumpster.

If you hire a dumpster from any broker, then they will always charge you for the hire and also have some hidden charges that make a dumpster too costly.

To avoid this kind of thing, kindly hire a dumpster rental directly from the company website. You can order from Dumpster4rental because we offer the best price and convenient service. 

Our average 10-yard dumpster rental cost is $520 to $630, but you can confirm our rate by calling on (323) 553 5774 for dumpster rental in Los Angeles.

Some factors are very important whenever we talk about the cost of dumpsters in Los Angeles:

  • Travelling distance from company to site
  • Disposal fees and permit fees 
  • Overage fees
  • Dumpster size price

You can also check weather conditions before renting a dumpster and avoid peak hours travel time because it causes inconvenience.

10-Cubic Dumpster Details

A 10-yard dumpster carries a maximum of five pickup truck loads. It equates to almost 5,000 pounds of Trash. Anything more than that would be dangerous and would make it more difficult for the technicians to dump the contents.

Renters can put these dumpsters in their parking lots, driveways, and building sites due to their proportions. You could also put them on the street, but before you buy them, make sure you understand the restrictions and permit needs.

On the lesser end of conventional dumpster rentals is the 10-cubic-yard model. It can, however, contain a sizable volume of Trash and objects before surpassing the upper limit.

Their stature works to their benefit rather than against them. Since the containers are 18 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 2 feet tall, they are ideal for usage in small spaces. They also include a side entrance, which eliminates the need for renters to toss over the container in order to load it. Because you can roll or walk the heavier goods right inside, the door makes getting rid of them easier.

Unacceptable Items for 10-yard Dumpster

Many items of Trash are unacceptable in 10 10-yard dumpsters. Here, I provide a list of things which are strictly not allowed for dumpsters because their disposal needs special instructions before disposal.

  • railroad ties 
  • Batteries Tires
  • Oils 
  • asbestos-containing materials
  • Paints and Lacquers

All of these things have the potential to be dangerous; therefore, renters should dispose of them in different ways. There are also questionable gadgets. They are not prohibited. However, some can have an extra cost. They all are hazardous waste, and different items are disposed of in different manners.

Acceptable Trash For a 10-yard dumpster

Here is the list of some acceptable items allowed by the Los Angeles dumpster rental are

Dirt, Concrete, Dry Wall, Wood and Construction Projects, Clothes Debris from remodeling, such as lumber and drywall and Cabinetry Flooring Siding.

You can also dispose of tires and electronic items, but for these, you should charged extra.

Suitable projects for a 10-yard dumpster 

10-yard dumpsters are suitable for small and medium-sized projects. A suitable project is as important as a suitable dumpster size. If you choose the wrong dumpster, it costs you too much.

Suitable projects for 10-yard homes are small or medium-sized projects like small home renovation, flooring cleanup of the garage or spring cleaning of your yard. 

Following are some projects that are suitable for a 10-yard dumpster:

  • Home and business decluttering
  • For residential moves
  • For removal of small roof removals,
  • Garage, shed, and attic cleanouts
  • Yard waste removal


How much Trash comes in the 10-yard dumpster?

Three tones of weight come in the 10-yard dumpster.

What types of projects are suitable for 10-yard dumpsters?

Small home business cleanup, garage cleaning, yard waste removal, and small construction site projects are the most common waste suitable for 10-yard dumpsters.

Wrap Up:

Hopefully, you know about your project, then you will hire a 10-yard dumpster. It is the best size and also takes up small space, mostly used for medium garage cleanout or yard waste. For more details or any query, comment below, and our team will reach out to you and give you all the answers to your queries. We are the best waste management solution providers in town.